Welcome to the Side by Side website!! This site was created to share information about how congregations can start a once-weekly program that provides caring support to families living with dementia. Program and Admin resources and tips are also available to help congregations get a head start.

Side by Side is structured like a day program, with volunteers walking alongside people living with dementia and providing one-on-one support as they partake in a variety of activities. Throughout the day, each participant enjoys fun, fellowship and spiritual nurture. At the same time, care partners are encouraged and enabled to take some much-needed personal time.

Faith communities are in a great position to offer help, as many congregations have space, and often have many dedicated volunteers who are seeking a purposeful role in ministering to others. Volunteers find warm and encouraging fellowship beneficial, and hearts are warmed by knowing what a difference their contribution makes to families in the community who are struggling.

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We are still under construction, and will be adding more content as we go along. If you want to journey with us as we build this inventory of resources, please check back often, or consider subscribing below.

Admin Resources

Ministry Position Descriptions, Schedule templates, Forms

Program Resources

Dementia-friendly large-print word searches and other resources

Starting a Program

How your faith community can start a Side by Side program in your area.

What People Say

“…I have thanked God over and over for those who introduced Side by Side in our church.  It is GREAT.” — a message from a care partner to anyone considering a Side by Side ministry

“…when I come [to Side by Side], I always leave here singing!”
— a participant

“Side by Side is like a family” — a volunteer

God is weaving a tapestry of care
that connects all of us in Grace.
Come. Be part of it.

Let’s build something together.

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